Uncritical Inferences Test 1


[In this story, (J) represents a sentence said by José, (H) by Henri and (C) by Claude]

José got up when the telephone rang. He picked up the phone:
(J) Hello?
(H) Hello, José!
(J) Hello, Henri! I was about to call you.
(H) I just wanted to confirm my arrival in Paris tomorrow.
(J) Perfect. At what time?
(H) I'll be at Montparnasse station at 11:30.
(J) Very well. I'll be there.
(H) Will Claude come too?
(J) No, he has an appointment with a customer and will not be able to attend. He should come to see me here in a few minutes.
(H) OK. Give him my best regards.
(J) Yes, but anyway, we must have a meeting to improve our seminar handouts.
(H) Right. Try to see if we can have lunch together the day after tomorrow.
(J) I'll ask him. Bye and see you soon.
(H) Bye!

A few seconds after he hung up the phone, the door bell rang. It was Claude.
(J) Hi ! Come in.
(C) Sorry, I'm a bit late.
(J) I just had Henri on the phone: I'll meet him tomorrow. He asked if you could meet us for lunch the day after tomorrow.
(C) No problem. I'll be there.
(J) Great ! I'll tell him right away.
(C) Fine ! Here are the documents you requested. I must go, now. Ciao !
(J) Bye ! See you tomorrow.

Claude went out, took the elevator and walked out of the building.

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