1. José was lying down when the phone rang. T F ?
2. José got up to pick up the phone. T F ?
3. Henri called José on the phone this morning. T F ?
4. Henri's train will arrive at Montparnasse station, tomorrow at 11:30. T F ?
5. Henri confirmed his arrival of tomorrow. T F ?
6. Henri will arrive at 11:45 at Montparnasse station. T F ?
7. Henri announced that he will arrive at North station. T F ?
8. Claude has a meeting with a customer tomorrow morning. T F ?
9. Claude came to see José today. T F ?
10. An appointment has been made by three persons for the day after tomorrow. T F ?
11. José, Henri and Claude are general semanticists. T F ?
12. Claude brought some documents to José. T F ?
13. Claude went to José's home today. T F ?
14. Claude was late. T F ?
15. Claude was not in a hurry. T F ?
16. Claude will have a meeting with a customer tomorrow. T F ?
17. Claude won't be able to attend the first meeting. T F ?
18. José called back Henri to confirm the meeting with Claude. T F ?
19. José lives on the third floor. T F ?
20. José does not live on the ground floor. T F ?

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