Uncritical Inferences Test 3


[The body lies sprawled out on the ground, next to the bare end of the fallen electrical cable. Clancy approaches.]

Clancy: What do we have here?
Roselli: Deceased victim. Died of shock.
Clancy: Aha. Is the power off now?
Roselli: So they tell me.

[Clancy sniffs at the broken end of the cable then gingerly pokes it with a fingertip.]

Clancy: Damn shame. He died gripping the cable.
Roselli: Yes, he did.
Clancy: And there's his dinner, barely touched.
Roselli: It's not what I would call a dinner.
Clancy: Is the doc going to get here soon?
Roselli: Even as we speak.

[Dr. Welby approaches.]

Dr. Welby: Hello, I'm Dr. Welby.
Clancy: [Chuckles.] What do you think, is he dead?
Dr. Welby: [Examines the body.] Dead, all right. What's that odor I'm smelling?
Roselli: Burnt hair.
Dr. Welby: Argh, that smells bad. Okay, I'll take care of it tonight.
Clancy: Good. Roselli, I'll leave you to wrap things up here. [Looks at the body.] It's a damn shame. [Turns around and walks away.]

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© Barry Schwartz & ESGS, 2001.