Uncritical Inferences Test 2


[In this story, (J) represents a sentence said by José, (H) by Henri, (S) by Sam and (X) by the server]

José and Henri arrived at the restaurant at noon.
The server approached:
(X) Two ?
(J) No, three. Somebody else will arrive soon.
(X) Smoking or not ?
(H) Non-smoking, please.
The server led them to a table. Henri and José sat down.
(H) Sam is late.
(J) Yes, it's rather difficult to park in this area at this time of day.
(H) Will you have a drink, meanwhile ?
(J) Yes, I'll have a tomato juice.
(H) And I'll have a fruit juice... Please !
(X) Yes, sir ?
(H) Could you bring us a tomato juice and a fruit juice ?
(X) Yes, sir !

At that moment, Sam entered:
(S) Hi José, hi Henri !
(J)+(H) Hi, Sam !
(S) Excuse me, I'm late: I had some difficulty parking. This area is very busy at this time of day.
(J) We have ordered a drink. Will you have something too ?
(S) No, thanks: I'm not thirsty. While you are drinking, I'll show you my work.
(H) What about ordering first ?
(J) Good idea !

Henri, Sam and José chose their orders. The server came with the drinks, took the orders and went away.
(S) Here is an inference test project for next seminar. It's a story of three persons meeting at a restaurant.

Sam gave out the sheets to Henri and José and they evaluated them.
(H) It's OK for me.
(J) For me too.
(H) OK. We shall use your test for next seminar.

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