ESGS Certification


ESGS certification is awarded for a personal and collective work in the field of general semantics, from the point of view of its application or teaching.

The ESGS will recommend to its members and to other people the general semantics introductory seminars proposed by certified people. The list of certified people and the schedule of their seminars will be published by ESGS.

Certification will allow the graduates to get notes, handouts and exercises for introductory seminar teaching.

 Certification Committee 

This committee, independent from the Board of directors, is staffed with certified people, named by the Board. The maximum number of members of this committee is fixed to six persons, for practical reasons. The simple majority (50%) of expressed votes (excepting abstention) with a minimum of two favourable votes are necessary to certify a candidate.

 Validity of certification 

Certification is granted for 3 years, renewable.


To be candidate for certification, it will be necessary:

  1. to be member of the association,
  2. to have read S&S,
  3. to have attended a comprehensive seminar-workshop of the IGS or 3 ESGS Seminars.


To be certified, it will be necessary:

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