Non-allness principle

«A map does not represent all the territory.» AK

In general semantics training, the elimination of allness constitutes the first step, before even being able to proceed with the removal of identification.

The non-allness is closely related to consciousness of abstracting. On the Structural Differential, the non-allness is represented by the presence of 'holes' not connected at the next level, a direct consequence of the abstracting process. If you become aware of non-abstracted characteristics, it becomes impossible to believe that a formulation, or a set of formulations can completely represent the thing to which they refer.

Take a usual object, for example a pen, and try to describe it completely, i.e. until it becomes impossible to add only one additional assertion referring to this object. When you finish, ask yourself " Have I said all ?". If you think you did, a general semantics seminar will provide you some surprises !

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