In the -system of general semantics, extensional enumerations frequently appear. As it is often impossible (by lack of space-time) to list them completely, it is necessary to use words like "etc.". It can mean, for example, that the enumeration which precedes is incomplete, that I am conscious of it, that the enumerated examples appear sufficient to me to understand what I intend, etc.

This extensional tool also points out the second premise (not all), helps us get rid of "either/or" formulations, etc.

Each time you use this word, try to consider at least one additional item of your enumeration, so that is not just a "way to speak".

Korzybski made such a heavy use of this word in Science and Sanity that it was necessary to use a simplified notation:

The abreviation       Stands for
           . ,                etc.,
           , .                ,etc.
           , ;                etc.;
           . ?                etc.?
           . :                etc.:
           . !                etc.!

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