Natural order of evaluation

The realisation of the relative importance of the orders of abstraction for survival of the organism, led Korzybski to formulate the natural order of evaluation in the following manner:

  1. the silent level of process, the physical event,
  2. the objective silent level,
  3. the first verbal level, descriptive,
  4. higher verbal levels, inferences,
  5. etc.
The process level is more important for survival than the objective level (for example, an electric wire under high voltage exhibits no sign of danger at the objective level but can kill you none the less). The silent objective level is also more important than the descriptive verbal level, the descriptive level more than the inferential levels, etc.
This natural order corresponds on the Differential Structural to an 'reverse' order, the higher orders of abstractions being at the bottom and the event level at the top.
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