1. Clancy said that the dead person's dinner was barely touched. T F ?
2. Roselli called a dinner that which Clancy called a dinner. T F ?
3. Dr. Welby smelled burnt hair. T F ?
4. The victim died of electric shock. T F ?
5. Roselli told Clancy that the cable was not electrified. T F ?
6. The power was off when Clancy asked if it was. T F ?
7. The victim died holding the cable in his hand. T F ?
8. Roselli wrapped things up after Clancy left. T F ?
9. Roselli told Clancy that the doc would get there "even as we speak". T F ?
10. Clancy said the victim died gripping the cable and Roselli expressed concurrence. T F ?
11. Roselli smelled burnt hair. T F ?
12. Dr. Welby said he would take care of something tonight. T F ?
13. The victim's burnt hair smelled bad to Dr. Welby. T F ?
14. Dr. Welby planned to do an autopsy. T F ?
15. Clancy poked the cable with his fingertip. T F ?
16. Before Clancy poked the cable, he sniffed at it. T F ?
17. Dr. Welby examined the body, then he confirmed the death. T F ?
18. Roselli said that Dr. Welby smelled burnt hair. T F ?
19. Roselli does not like the food that was in the victim's dinner. T F ?
20. The power was on when the victim touched the cable. T F ?

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