1. Henri and José sat at the same table. T F ?
2. Henri, Sam and José ordered something to eat. T F ?
3. Sam presented his work. T F ?
4. Sam had trouble parking. T F ?
5. The server led Henri and José to a table. T F ?
6. The server arrived with the drinks, then he took the orders. T F ?
7. Sam apologized because he was late. T F ?
8. Sam gave out paper sheets to Henri and José. T F ?
9. Sam did not order a drink because he was not thirsty. T F ?
10. Henri ordered a tomato juice. T F ?
11. Henri does not smoke. T F ?
12. Sam's test will be used at the next seminar. T F ?
13. Sam said he had trouble parking. T F ?
14. José predicted that Sam would have trouble parking and therefore he would be late. T F ?
15. Sam presented an inference test project for next general semantics seminar. T F ?
16. José and Henri arrived at noon at the restaurant. T F ?
17. Henri ordered a fruit juice. T F ?
18. Sam was not late. T F ?
19. Henri and José were thirsty. T F ?
20. It is difficult to park in this part of New York at noon. T F ?

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